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Python Programming Language Learn Free Step By Step

As one of the most popular programming languages Python is dynamically-typed and garbage-collected. with it's object-oriented approach which aim to help programmers write clear, logical code for small and large-scale projects. Learn free step by step Python programming on this website Our aim is to make learning easy even for a layman. Simply follow the index on this page to learn each topic. This site not only provides you the opportunity to learn free python coding online but also addresses your doubts, clarifies any queries you may have pertaining to any topic on this site for free.

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Python Lessons: Start With the 1st Lesson Learn Free to Code In Python

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Why should you learn Python?
Get insights about the career scope you have after you learn Python.

*Google and subsidiaries like Youtube use Python for a wide variety of things. In fact, Youtube was built using mostly Python!

*Industrial Light and Magic, the company behind the special effects of Star Wars and hundreds of other films, has been using Python for years for its CGI and lighting work.

*Facebook and subsidiaries like Instagram use Python for various elements of their infrastructure. Instagram is built entirely using Python and its Django framework.

*iRobot, the folks who make the Roomba vacuum, use Python to develop the software for their robots.

*NASA and associated institutions like the Jet Propulsion Lab use Python for research and scientific purposes.

*Netflix uses Python for server-side data analysis and for a wide variety of back-end apps that help keep the massive streaming service online.

*Reddit runs on Python and its web.py framework.

*IBM, Intel, and a variety of other hardware companies use Python for hardware testing.

*Chase, Goldman Sachs, and many other financial firms use Python for financial analysis and market forecasting.

*Quora is yet another huge social media platform that’s built using lots of Python.

Application of Python In the Field of Data Analysis Python is popular for data analysis work because of powerful libraries like numpy and pandas, which make data cleaning and analysis tasks relatively straightforward, even when working with massive datasets. As companies across every industry collect more and more data, they need people who can make sense of it. Often, that means hiring data analysts with Python skills. There are also Python libraries that support a wide variety of other data analytics tasks, from scraping the web with Beautiful Soup to visualizing data with Matplotlib. Example Uses; An ecommerce website wants to understand its users better. A data analyst at the company could use Python to analyze the company’s sales, highlight predictable trends, and uncover areas for improvement.

Application of Python In the Field of Data Science

Data science is one of the most in-demand skills in the market. Be it IT, manufacturing, or eCommerce, knowing data science is a sought-after skill. This is where Python steps in. Its multiple libraries such as Pandas, TensorFlow, NumPy, etc help in extracting valuable information from the data. Libraries like Matplotib and Seaborn further allow a data science professional to focus on data visualization through graphs and charts.

Application of Python In the Field of Data Engineering

Data engineers use Python for tasks such as building pipelines, combining datasets, cleaning data, working with APIs, automating various data processes, etc. Take the example of a company has a lot of data, but it’s stored in various formats and databases, making it time-consuming for analysts to find and work with. A data engineer could use their Python skills to build a pipeline that automates collection from the various sources, joins and cleans the data, and makes it easier for analysts to access and filter.

Application of Python in the field of Robotics

Even in the field of robotics Python is equaly popular, both among hobbyists and professionals. On the hobbyist end of the spectrum, Python is frequently used together with the Raspberry Pi hardware platform, which allows for flexible and affordable experimentation. In business, Python is one of the languages commonly used for robotic process automation (RPA), and it’s been used to do things like code industrial robot arms that can work in tandem with each other.

Application of Python in the field Automation

Python is widely used to automate everything from complex systems to simple, personal processes like filling in a spreadsheet or responding to emails. Python is of great use for automating repetitive tasks, and there are almost endless real world use cases for Python automation. Example, Python is a popular tool in DevOps because it makes automating systems and processes efficient and transparent.

Use of Python In Hardware Interfacing And Control

Python is used in all sorts of real world hardware-control applications. convenient Python libraries makes using Python for a variety of industrial control applications possible. For instance an engineer at a company needs to write software to control a complex HVAC system. They could write code in Python that can send commands to and receive data from the system’s sensors and hardware controllers.

Use of Python In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Python is a stable language that has the capacity to handle the computations required to build machine learning models. Its libraries like Keras, Pandas, NumPy and others are suitable for machine learning applications. Furthermore, it is used in multiple AI solutions like advanced computing, image recognition, data processing, and more.

Application of Python of Python In Image Processing

As use of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks is ever-increasing , this has necessiated the role of image (pre)processing tools has also skyrocketed. To fulfill this demand, Python offers a host of libraries that simplify much of the initial preparatory tasks of a Data Scientist. Some of the popular image processing Python libraries include OpenCV, Scikit-Image, and Python Imaging Library(PIL). Other examples of more common image processing applications that use Python are GIMP, Corel PaintShop, Blender, and Houdini.

Application of Python In Text Processing

Application of Python In Text Processing text Processing allows you to handle enormous volumes of text while giving you the flexibility to structure it as you wish. Sorting lines, extracting text, reformatting paragraphs, and many more such operations. What else can you do with Text Processing? Well, with Python’s text processing capabilities, you can do a lot more than that.

Application of Python In Education Sector Programs and Training Programs

Uses of Python is seen in developing online courses and education programs. It is an easy to learn programming language for beginners since its syntax matches that of English. It offers a novice, a standard library, and a variety of resources to understand the language, thus making the learning curve easier. It is a perfect entry point for beginners looking for a way into the world of modern programming. Python’s syntax is fairly similar to conventional English, making it extremely easy to comprehend and work with. Compared to other programming languages, Python also has a shorter learning curve.

Application of Python In Game Development

Python has displayed its capacity of contributing to the gaming industry in a massive way. Remember Battlefield 2; one of the most popular games in the early 2000s? It was developed using the Python programming language. Some of the top Python frameworks that are used in game development include Pygame, PyKyra, Pyglet, PyOpenGL, Kivy, Panda3D, Cocos2D, and more!

Application of Python In Software Development

Python is widely used by software developers as Python simplifies the software development process for complex apps. It is used for project management, as a support programming language, to build control, and testing.

Application of Python In Desktop GUI

Python is a simple, stable, easy to learn, open-source, and platform-independent programming language. These factors work in their favour of being used for developing desktop GUI. Toolkits like PyQt, PyGUI, and WxPython are widely used for building high-quality GUIs efficiently.

Application of Python In Developing Operating Systems

When Python so is C are combined together, many operating systems are developed. The use of Python in creating operating systems came to life with Ubuntu’s Ubiquity, and Red Hat’s Anaconda and Fedora. OS made with Python are running billions of computers today.